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A People’s Church

I have just finished reading “A People’s Church”  – an excellent history of the Church of England by Jeremy Morris published by Profile Books. It’s a fascinating account of an institution that you may think you know, because it has always just been “there”. But you will soon discover it is an organisation far more […]

City of London Cemetery Reburials

By the 1850s London was expanding rapidly. It was a global capital controlling and Empire on which famously the Sun never said. As a result last numbers of Victorian terraced houses in the suburbs were being built. You can still see them today as they form a ring of brick buildings 10 miles wide that […]

Taking The Michael

The Archangel Michael, in the Catholic Church, is the leader of the Army of God in their triumph over the forces of Evil. He is also an important figure for Jews and Muslims. But in cockney rhyming slang – the native patois of the City – Michael has other associations.  I apologise in advance if […]