Lost London Churches Blog

St Ann Blackfriars

St Ann Blackfriars started as a parish chapel in the Priory of the Blackfriars (Dominicans) on the banks of the River Fleet. When the Priory was dissolved by King Henry VIII in 1550, the buildings on the site were largely demolished. However, the residents still needed a parish church so a new one was established […]

St Andrew Hubbard

The church of Saint Andrew Hubbard is of late Anglo-Saxon origin but the first written mention of “St. Andrew by Estchepe” was in 1169. It is possible that the church was built on the site of a Roman temple because when the site was excavated, the walls seemed to be of Roman workmanship and fragments […]

St Mary Bothaw

St Mary Bothaw is a church that was lost in the Great Fire of London and not rebuilt. It stood at the current site of Cannon Street Station – which was called Candlewick Street back then. The name “Bothaw” is reckoned to be derived from “Boat Haw” or Boat House as it would have been […]