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Secret Santa ideas for City workers 

We are heading into Christmas season and that means presents! If you have friends or colleagues who work in the City of London and are drawing a blank when it comes to presents – secret Santa or otherwise  – there here is an idea. As you may know, the Lost London Churches project has put […]

St Laurence Pountney

The first mention of the church of St Laurence Pountney is in 1067 when it is called “St Laurence cum cimiterio”. In 1275 it is recorded as “St Laurence by the Thames”. The name “Pountney”  became associated with the church around 1334 when John de Poulteney erected the chapel of Corpus Christi and College of […]

St John Zachary

This lost church stood on the north side of Maiden Lane at the junction with Noble street. It is one of the three lost churches in the City that were dedicated to St John. There is some disagreement over the origin of the name ‘Zachary’. The priest Zachariah is venerated in both Christianity and Islam […]