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St Olave Silver Street

The lost church of St Olave Silver Street stood at the cross roads of four streets – Falcon Street, Monkwell Street, Silver Street and Noble Street in an area known as Falcon Square. The church, the square and three of the streets have now all gone, leaving only Noble Street which runs alongside the old […]

St Nicholas Acons

If you walk down Nicholas Lane in the City you will find a blue plaque on the wall stating “Site of the parsonage of St Nicholas Acons where scientific life assurance began in 1762” . It commemorates the first office of Equitable Life, the world oldest mutual insurer, which pioneered scientific life assurance by basing […]

A Forest of Spires

You are all probably familiar with the panoramic illustrations of the City of London from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries showing a forest of church spires. In those days, they were the tallest buildings so the view was filled with church towers and steeples. See below some examples by Hollar in 1647 and by Kipps […]

St Leonard Foster Lane

The lost church of St Leonard Foster Lane originally belonged to the College of St Martin le Grand. The Dean and canons of St Martins used to worship at the altar of St Leonard inside that collegiate church but then built the separate small church of St Leonard in their courtyard in 13th century. It […]