The 13 Dragon Walk

The 13 dragon walk of 12km takes you around the boundaries of the City of London past all of the cast iron, dragon headed columns that mark the edges of the City like the one on the right here. The arrow symbols on the map mark the dragons.

Dragon Marker City of London

Although the boundary line actually runs down the middle of the Thames, this walk takes you along the South Bank which gives you great views of the City and St Paul’s Cathedral. 

Sadly there is one dragon that is temporarily missing – the one at Moorgate. It was removed to facilitate the building of the Moorgate Crossrail station but hopefully will be replaced when the Elizabeth Line opens in 2022

It should take you around 2 hours – or more if you stop off at one of the many pubs on the way. I recommend you start  at Borough Market near London Bridge so you can look forward to some great food when you finish there at the end.