Single Cards


A single church card of your choice. Please give the Name and Number of the church. If you are buying more than one card you will find it cheaper to buy in bulk – see our other product descriptions. You can find a list of churches with their numbers on the churches page

The dimensions of each card are 72mm by 41mm

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A single collectable church card of your choice. You will need to give the Church Name and Card Number. You can find them on the Churches page here. Be sure to check the last column on the table. If it says “no” then a card does not exist for that church. It will work out cheaper to buy cards in bulk – either ten at a time be cheaper or the whole set of lost or extant churches. If you are only buying a single collectable church card at a time the postage costs will also be fairly expensive.

Do you have a Presentation Pack ┬áto display your cards ? Or the Collector’s Book with maps to show the location of the parishes?

Weight 1 g
Dimensions 72 × 41 × 1 mm

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